SOLD OUT CBC Radio's The Debaters

Now in its ninth season on CBC Radio One, The Debaters is the hit show where comics go toe to toe in a battle of laughs and logic.  Hosted by international headliner and Canada’s Best Male Standup of 2013, Steve Patterson, The Debaters is a combustible mix of sharply crafted comedic rants and hilarious adlibs.  The engaging format is part stand-up, part quiz show and part comedy competition with the live audience picking the winners.

A bridge to the Mainland – would it be superior to BC Ferries?
Todd Butler will burn that bridge before he crosses it! Ivan Decker says the ferry just doesn't float his boat.  

Gardening -- is it a waste of time?
Lori Gibbs digs it! Sean Lecomber will never go down the garden path.  

Winning – is it everything?
Erica Sigurdson says, “If you’re not a champ, you’re a chump.” Derek Seguin thinks losers are winners too!

Britain or the USA – which is Canada more like?        
Dana Alexander thinks we’re more like the Yanks. Charlie Demers says, "We got UK in our DNA and that’s OK."

Selfies – are they a scourge?
Darcy Michael is a snap happy pappy. Debra DiGiovanni shutters at all this selfie madness.

Maple syrup or oil – which is Canada’s greatest liquid resource?
Derek Seguin gushes over oil. Graham Clark pours it on for syrup.

This event will be taped for radio.  

This event is SOLD OUT