Make The Port Theatre your ticket-selling agent for any venue!


  • We capture email addresses of your buyers for future use. (in accordance with the Privacy Act and Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation)
  • Tickets can be conveniently purchase on-line through The Port Theatre website.
  • Your event is posted on our website.
  • We can display your flyers in our Main Lobby and a poster in our Ticket Centre.
  • An e-notice is sent to over 14,000 addresses in our database
  • Ticket sales reports are emailed to you weekly


Call Christine Theuerkorn, Booking Coordinator, at 250.754.4555 ext. 302 or email to discuss details.


Set Up Fee - $200 per performance 
Discount if there is a run of performances of the same show.

 1-3  performances

$200 per performance

No discount

 4-10 performances

$160 per performance

20% discount

 11 or more performances

$120 per performance

40% discount

Non-refundable Deposit- $200 is due with signed contract prior to your on-sale date.
If the event is cancelled, the deposit is retained and an administration fee may be charged for refunding ticket revenue.

Credit Card Charges - Visa & MasterCard Accepted- 3% deducted from all tickets purchased with a credit card 

Consignment ( to sell at another location) or Complimentary Ticket Printing - per ticket printed  up to 20% of seating capacity)   
25 cents each  Ticket printing charge over 20% capacity    $1.00 each 

Considerations: Ticket revenue collected by The Port Theatre is held “in trust” for the buyer. There can be no cash draw prior to your event 
The Port Theatre phone number & website are to appear on all publicity. All advertising must state “plus order fee” beside the ticket price(s).

Order Fees will be charged to the ticket buyer and retained by The Port Theatre. Tickets can be purchased in person at our Ticket Centre, by phone or on-line.
$2.50 per ticket (on top of advertised ticket price)

Mailing fee on internet orders         $1.50 per order

Tickets sold for off-site events are printed on green ticket stock & printed at the time of each sale. 


JUST TICKET PRINTING - YOUR ORGANIZATION SELLS Just Ticket Printing- your organization sells

Set Up fee                                                       $100 per performance

Printing Charge                                               $0.25 per ticket

GST is applicable on all products & services.