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Join one of the Largest Volunteer Rosters in Nanaimo! Pick up a Volunteer Application Form in person at The Port Theatre Admin Office, 125 Front Street

With over 150 volunteers, The Port Theatre Society’s volunteer roster is one of the largest in Nanaimo. We are privileged to have such dedication within our organization. The depth and experience of the volunteers ensures the seamless execution of the many events presented at The Port Theatre every year.

Volunteer shifts take place during events at The Port Theatre, including concerts, comedy, symphony, dance, receptions and more. We host over 250 events every year, which means that as a volunteer you have a lot of events to choose from! Volunteer positions include Ushers, Ticket Checkers, Audience Services, Coffee or Ice Cream Vendors, and Merchandise Assistants – all integral to running a successful event for the public to enjoy.

Total volunteer hours in 2016: 11,517
Total volunteer hours since 1998 opening: 254,287