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Volunteer Update

Change is a river. It runs, it is constant, it never stops.

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“Change is a river. It runs, it is constant, it never stops.” — Bruce Halliday, General Manager, Port Theatre Society

VOLUNTEER UPDATE from Spare Times newsletter

The Port Theatre is 20 years old this year and is an established landmark on Nanaimo’s waterfront and the downtown core. “When we started it was a bare bones operation, just enough to get started,” explains Bruce Halliday.

In the first year, there were about 120-130 shows and 50,000 audience members. In 2017, there were 300 shows and a total of 115,000 audience members. “We have come a long way. Our audiences too have matured and the makeup of our audiences has changed with the changing demographic of Nanaimo,” says Halliday.

Every department of the Port Theatre family including the volunteers has been affected by the many changes, but what hasn’t changed are the core values of the organization, the Port Theatre Society.

These core values have ensured that while the Port Theatre matures, generating a depth of comfort and trust in all involved, the society remains on the right track. “We, as an organization, have now become a destination for people wanting to move and work here, making us an employer of choice,” says Halliday. “We all believe in the importance of live theatre, and know that we are a connecting point for performers and audience. We need to enjoy what we are doing, so that the atmosphere is positive for all involved.”

So what are these core values? Bruce Halliday summarizes it this way:

P.L.A.I.D.  (Think of it as the fabric that weaves us together in a common cause.)

P — Passion and Professionalism

Be passionate about our community and our work; demonstrate a commitment to professional service and skill development.

L — Leadership

Build a creative environment which will maximize the potential of the Theatre and all involved in it.

A — Accountability

Be responsible to the owners and users of the Theatre.

I — Integrity

Be honest, even-handed and open in all activities.

D — Diversity

Be accessible and responsive to all segments of the communities in the mid-island area.

There is no doubt that changes will continue to make demands upon the organization, as volunteers will need to adapt to the changing world. We are doing a great job, and are appreciated for the work we do. So as we go on to the next chapter of the Port Theatre history armed with our core values, let’s embrace the changes, keep informed, and enjoy our volunteering experience.

I leave you with this thought as you approach every volunteer shift…

Do my actions show Leadership and Build Community? For this is our mission.

Article by: Valerie Duthie