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13th Annual Nanaimo Fringe Festival 2023

Thu Aug 10th, 2023 - Sun Aug 20th, 2023

at the Port Theatre (125 Front St.), The OV Arts Centre (25 Victoria Rd.) & The Black Rabbit (321 Selby St.)

• ALL PATRONS ARE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE A ONE-TIME $5.00 FRINGE FESTIVAL BUTTON TO SEE ANY SHOWS (available at the Fringe Hub and at the door). Proceeds support the operating costs of the festival

• Artists receive 100% of their box office revenues; to protect artist income, all ticket sales are final.

Full festival details available here: https://nanaimofringe.com/upcoming-events/

All in-theatre seats $16   

Festival 5-show pass: $60 (+ $1.50 fee)
See 5 shows for $60*  Pass can be used for yourself or bring along a friend!  Your best deal with a savings of $16!


Nanaimo Fringe Festival Free Preview Night
Thursday, Aug 10th 7pm-8:30pm The Port Theatre

Each artist has 5 mins. for a teaser for their show. Free admission but you must reserve your ticket. Festival seating.

String of Pearls
Lucky Fish Productions, Nanaimo

65 mins | 14+ strong language & adult situations

This poignant, funny Golden Age-style musical tells a universal story of the complicated relationships between aging mothers and daughters. With book, music and lyrics by Karen Kelm and directed by Kate Robbins, it won Outstanding New Musical at the 2022 Vancouver Ovation Awards. Hummable songs; laughter and tears.

Fri, August 11th  3:45pm
Sat, August 12th  8:30pm *ASL available
Tues, August 15th  5:45pm
Wed, August 16th  8:30pm
Fri, August 18th  5:45pm
Sun, August 20th  3pm

Reminders of ReconciliACTION
Tricoz Productions, Ladysmith

57 mins | 12+ genocide, intergenerational trauma, sexual assault, starvation, beatings, smell from smudge

Miyotota kewin mikiwam neetsan (Welcome home my family good to see you). In this storytelling production you will scent ancient smells, hear the oldest of instruments and Reminders upon Reconciliactions effect upon our modern world through a whirls wind of story myth and historical and lived Indian country experience. Mizz Rory is getting all gussied up and ready to tell all the breaks, tears and suffering of the past.

Fri, August 11th 5:45pm *ASL available
Sun, August 13th 3pm
Tues, August 15th 8:30pm
Thurs, August 17th 3:45pm
Fri, August 18th 8:30pm
Sat, August 19th 5:45pm

Oh Mother
Andrea Superstein, Vancouver

50 mins | All welcome, including babes in arms/relaxed

Momming (verb). A hilarious and heartfelt multimedia journey through the undertold and true stories of parenthood. Killer vocals+hysterical anecdotes+heart-exploding visuals from award winning vocalist Andrea Superstein.   www.andreasuperstein.com
“She’s a genuine original” – BBCMusicMagazine

Sat, August 12th  3:45pm *ASL available
Sun, August 13th  5:45pm
Wed, August 16th  5:45pm
Thurs, August 17th  8:30pm
Sat, August 19th  3pm
Sun, August 20th  5:45pm

Moby Dick
Roderick Glanville, Victoria

60 Mins | 12+

Roderick Glanville’s one-hour version of this “Nantucket sleighride”,..cracks along with all the excitement and fury you’d expect from such an epic sea adventure. Playing no less than 12 roles….it’s impossible to take your eyes off Glanville…as he shifts between characters; from Ishmael to Ahab and Queequeg to Starbuck, his physical embodiment of each of the Pequod’s crew is worth the price of admission alone. (John Trelfall, Monday Magazine)

Fri, August 11th  8:30pm *ASL available
Sat, August 12th  5:45pm
Wed, August 16th  3:45pm
Thurs, August 17th  5:45pm
Fri, August 18th  3:45pm
Sat, August 19th  8:30pm

Orange you glad to be in Miami?
Bennet Caffee, San Francisco

70 mins | 14+ mild profanity

When Bennet is checked into the psych ward they get his name wrong and he’s sure it’s a sign. He’s not gonna be Bennet Caffee anymore. He’s Dale Bennet. Better yet, he’s “Bennet”. After discharge Bennet comes out as the New Messiah, but that doesn’t go the way he thought.

Fri, August 11th  7pm
Sun, August 13th  7pm
Wed, August 16th  7pm
Thurs, August 17th  7pm
Sat, August 19th  7pm
Sun, August 20th  4:15pm

Lucky Casanova
Ali Gaul, Victoria

55 mins | 12+ alcoholism & mental health

Lucky Casanova is the story of John Gaul: a songwriter, a genius, an artist, a conspiracy theorist and a philosopher whose words live on in the memories of those who knew and loved him.

Sat, August 12th @ 7pm *ASL available
Sun, August 13th @ 4:15pm
Tues, August 15th @ 7pm
Fri, August 18th @ 7pm
Sat, August 19th @ 4:15pm
Sun, August 20th @ 7pm


Amit Solanki

55 mins | 18+

A show about self journey through life and exploring the funny side of the spiritual process. It is like driving through oncoming traffic…

Fri, August 11th @ 5pm
Sun, August 13th @ 5pm
Thurs, August 17th @ 7pm
Sat, August 19th @ 5pm
Sun, August 20th @ 7pm

Snoezelen Sessions
AIM (Access Impact Mentorship), presented by PCSC

75 mins | All Ages

The Snoezelen Sessions are a variety of shows written and performed by neurodivergent artists that bring you an immersive experience of inclusive and accessible theatre. Themes showcased include existentialism, internalized ableism, farce, depression, acceptance, autistic trauma, and autistic joy.

Fri, August 11th 7pm
Sun, August 13th 7pm *ASL available

LampMoth Productions, Nanaimo

40 mins | 16+ harsh language, mental health, mentions of suicide infidelity, loud noises

Within this psychological horror Gael finds himself what may very well be between life and death. Where he meets an entity known as Loi who gives him no choice but to reflect on his past actions and views in order to determine his fate, all the while being tormented with memories of his past and demons of his present.

Sat, August 12th  5pm
Tues, August 15th  7pm
Wed, August 16th  5pm
Sat, August 18th  5pm
Sat, August 19th  7pm
Sun, August 20th  3pm

Sadec 1965: A Love Story
Flora Le, Washington DC, USA

65 mins | 16+

After finding out that her estranged father has cancer, Flora goes on a 6-week solo motorcycle trip through Vietnam to make sense of their difficult relationship. Her search for answers will take her on a journey through time and space, allowing her memories to take on a new meaning.

Tues, August 15th  5pm
Wed, August 16th  7pm
Thurs, August 17th  5pm
Fri, August 18th  7pm
Sat, August 19th  3pm
Sun, August 20th  5pm

Outdoor Shows at the Black Rabbit in the Old City Quarter 

David Ellis Heyman, Victoria

40 mins | 16+ swearing

A hot-shot communications wizard at the height of his success must retrieve every copy of an embarrassing party invitation that was inadvertently sent out in his name to prevent it going public and destroying his career. Outstanding Original Script and Best Director winners at the 2023 Victoria One-Act Play Festival.

Fri, August 11th  4:30pm *ASL available
Sat, August 12th  6:30pm
Sun, August 13th  4:30pm
Fri, August 18th  6:30pm
Sat, August 19th  4:30pm
Sun, August 20th  6:30pm

Nanaimo’s Got Talent
A Penny A Sketch, Nanaimo

45 mins | all ages welcome

Come into dreamland with our beloved and innocent character Andy as he enters the TV show he was watching called “Nanaimo’s Got Talent”. This show features a dynamic host who introduces many fun characters and their wacky talents.

Fri, August 11th  6:30pm
Sat, August 12th  4:30pm
Sun, August 13th  6:30pm
Fri, August 18th  4:30pm
Sat, August 19th  6:30pm
Sun, August 20th  4:30pm

All seats $16                                   Festival 5-Show Pass: $60 (+$1.50 fee)

TICKET CENTRE 250-754-8550

Artists receive 100% of their box office revenues; to protect artist income, all ticket sales are final.



Thu Aug 10th, 2023
Sun Aug 20th, 2023
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