Port Theatre Safety Protocols


The Port Theatre Society is pleased to provide a safe experience for everyone.

Your health and safety are important to us! Until the public health authority provides new guidelines, these are the rules The Port Theatre Society must follow. Thank you for your patience as we continue to update this page with the newest information

View our Health & Safety Poster – Updated October 15, 2021

Important UPDATES!

1. Upon entry, all patrons (ages 12 & older) are required to show their ID and vaccine passports. Please arrive early to avoid lineups as it takes time to scan everyone.

2. You must wear a mask (ages 5 & older) at all times inside the building, even when seated inside the theatre.

3. Hand sanitizer is available for your convenience.

4. Please avoid congregating in the lobby or theatre aisles.

Additional information

  • Starting October 25th, our theatre can accommodate 804 audience members (100% capacity).
  • The main entry doors into the lobby will open 1 hour before showtime. Please arrive early to avoid lineups as it takes time to scan everyone.
  • If you need assistance printing your tickets prior to the performance, please contact the Ticket Centre via telephone or email (contact info below) and they will assist you.
  • There will be no concession available.
  • There is no coat check so please bring any personal items with you into the theatre.

Feeling unwell?

If you, or anyone from your party, feels unwell before the performance please do not attend. Please contact the Ticket Centre: 250-754-8550 (Monday to Friday, 11am to 3pm) or email tickets@porttheatre.com for options regarding tickets.

Communicable Disease Plan

If you’d like to read The Port Theatre Society’s communicable disease plan, it’s available here.

Theatre Policies

If you’re unwell, please do not attend

If you or anyone from your party feels unwell before the performance, please do not attend. Please contact the Port Theatre Ticket Centre at 250-754-8550 Monday to Friday (11am to 3pm) or by e-mail at tickets@porttheatre.com for options regarding tickets.


Babes-in-arms are not permitted for adult performances. Please check with the Ticket Centre regarding specific event restrictions.


At a suitable break in the performance, latecomers will be escorted to available seats in the back of the concert hall.

Electronic Devices

As a courtesy to performers and your fellow patrons, please turn off cellular phones and personal entertainment devices. The use of any type of audio or visual recording is strictly prohibited.

Chemical Sensitivity

Some patrons have serious allergies to strong fragrances, forcing them to leave the theatre. In consideration for those seated around you, please refrain from wearing perfume, aftershave or other scented products.