Art Exhibits

We’re very proud of our local artists and their contributions

Visual Art Exhibits at the Port Theatre

Visual art exhibits from talented local professional and student artists make your entertainment experience a visual treat. Throughout the year, browse the rotating exhibitions in the lobby, Harmac Room and the following galleries:

J.P.R (Jerry) & Jessie McGill Gallery Main Floor South (Elevator)
Jack & Marilyn Hodgman Gallery Main Floor South
Joan Welch Gallery Main Floor North
Mills & Helen Clarke Gallery Main Floor North (Display Cases)
Lorne S. Thompson Gallery 2nd Floor South (Elevator)
Jane McKerricher Gallery 2nd Floor South
Gulzar Hallman Gallery 2nd Floor North
Margaret Strongitharm Gallery 2nd Floor North
Hazel Carr Ridley Bakes Gallery 3rd Floor South
Jack & Marjorie Evans Gallery 3rd Floor North

City of Nanaimo Culture & Heritage Achievement Awards Portraits

The Margaret Strongitharm Gallery is home to the City of Nanaimo’s Culture & Heritage Achievement Awards portraits. Every spring, these awards recognize new individuals, groups or corporations known for their dedication and support of the development of the cultural fabric of Nanaimo. Previous recipients include the Port Theatre’s own Sandra Thomson.

Student Art Exhibits

The Port Theatre exhibits work from Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools  School District 68 students throughout the 3rd floor galleries. Vancouver Island University students in Visual Arts and Graphic Design present their work in the Port Theatre Lobby.

Visual Art Community Partners

City of Nanaimo
Gabriola Fibre Arts Group
Gabriola Palette People
Nanaimo Arts Council
Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools – School District 68
Vancouver Island University

“Salmon Coming Home”
in the Port Theatre Lobby
by Phil Ashbee

“Salmon Coming Home” was commissioned in July 2000 to celebrate the new millennium. This project was made possible by generous contributions from The Province of British Columbia Arts and Heritage Millennium Fund and other generous donors*. The finished work hangs on the curved, 100 foot wall in our main lobby. Over 130 Salmon were first carved in wood and then cold cast in bronze and copper, taking a year to complete. Materials used include old growth red cedar, jade, abalone and horse hair. All five species of salmon (Sockeye, Chinook, Pink, Chum and Coho) are represented.

Phil Ashbee is a contemporary artist and “Salmon Coming Home” is his personal interpretation of traditional west coast art. This modern vision was found through an internal process, utilizing modern techniques and materials as well as traditional ones.

*Donors : Anonymous donor, Dr. Stanley Eng, Margaret and Ted Strongitharm, PRAqua Supplies Ltd, Mary Magrega, Port Theatre Volunteer Fund & Dee and Jim Dawson. Thank you!