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Port Theatre – Welcoming back full-theatre audiences!

By November 15, 2021No Comments

On October 25, 2021, the Port Theatre returned to full-capacity seating. That means we can once again welcome 804 audience members through our doors! To give you some perspective, this was the first time since our Spotlight presentation of Manual Cinema’s Frankenstein on March 8th, 2020. It’s been a rollercoaster of uncertainty as theatres across Canada have navigated the many changes and challenges that have arisen along the way.

While this is exciting news, we understand that every patron is in a unique situation. Some of you have attended shows recently at 50% capacity and we were thrilled to see you at these events! Some of you have watched livestream presentations. Others have not yet returned for a variety of reasons and we completely understand.

We’re here to support and guide you along the way. It’s been a long journey for everyone and we’re still finding our way through recovery. Recovery is not just a point in time. It’s a process. We can’t simply “flip a switch” and return to the way things were.

In fact, there are some changes in how we operate. In accordance with the provincial health order, we must follow these protocols:

  • Before entering the theatre, all patrons (ages 12 & older) must show their ID and vaccine passports.
  • Everyone (ages 5 & older) must wear a mask at all times, even while seated inside the theatre.

We’re grateful to patrons like you, and will do everything we can to ensure your comfort. The Port Theatre is a non-profit, community theatre that aims to share and celebrate live performance with as many people as possible!

What’s next? We want to see you at the theatre.

Here are three great ways to support us:

  1. DONATE! We’re a registered charity and if you’re in a position to give, you’ll receive a tax receipt for any donation above $10.
  2. BUY A TICKET! Add music, dance, theatre, and more back into your life. When you’re ready, it’s a healthy way to connect and lift your spirits!
  3. SPREAD THE WORD! Tell your friends and family about the Port Theatre and how much we have to offer. There’s something for everyone.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Together, we’re rebuilding our strength and hope, knowing live performance adds more joy to our lives!

Kindest regards,

Your Port Theatre Team